Welcome to the Good the Bad and the Ugly of the Internet

Many educators struggle each day with maintaining an internet environment that is both conducive to education yet safe for our children. While web filters provide a line of defense, the best defense is education.

What is the purpose of this site?

The initial thought for this site is to create a Wiki where educators can collaborate and share information about the web and how to best educate our students, parents and communities. While we are all capable of looking up this information and creating lessons, workshops or seminars, it is silly to reinvent the wheel. By combining our efforts, we can share our expertise and of course our resources.

Example: A person needs to present information on Web Filters, Proxy Sites and Phishing to a group. This person could search the web, become an expert and create the presentation or look for a prebuilt lesson or PowerPoint deck. Sound familiar?

Using this site, that person could visit the pages on this Wiki to learn information required to speak intelligently on the topic, gather resources and even (if available) the PowerPoint slides, audio and video resources to create and facilitate a lesson or workshop.
==Who can collaborate and contribute?==This Wiki is open for all to enjoy. If you would like to join this Wiki and contribute, please click the “Join this space” link located in the actions menu or drop me a note swheeler@3wheeler.com. If you know of a person(s) who would be interested in this Wiki, please share the URL with them. ==How to contribute==Currently there is a list of potential topics listed on the Topics page which are or will be linked to a page containing information about that topic. If you are knowledgeable about a particular topic, please share that information on that topic page. Keep in mind a person reading the content may not be as technically savvy as you are. If you are introducing new words, consider including a glossary section. Where applicable, use analogies. (If you have a good one, add it to the page.) If you have a PowerPoint, audio, video or any other resource that would be helpful that too can be uploaded to the page. NOTE: Please abide by local, country and international copyright laws.

Collaboration & Discussion

Each page contains a discussion tab where we can ask questions, voice concerns or share a success story. OR… Anything else that comes to mind.

I Joined, now what?

Congratulations, now that you have editing rights to this Wiki, please add your contact and blog or website information to the Members page.

Next, join in a discussion or being adding your knowledge to the Wiki.


The Wiki is called “The Good the Bad & the Ugly of the Internet” so it seemed only reasonable the tag for the pages on the site be “GBUI” (Yes, I put all of 5 minutes into that thought <Smile> ) If you create a new page, please use this Tag. Also, if you Blog about “The Good the Bad & the Ugly of the Internet Wiki, please use this tag.

If you have a better thought for a Tag, shout out, you will not hurt my feelings.

What is the history of this Wiki?

This is the short version; visit John’s blog to read the full story
I (Shawn Wheeler) was reading a few of my favorite blogs when I came across a post on the blog site John Evans (http://nlcommunities.com/communities/joevans) titled RSS Information where John spoke about the newly create Image Wall on Bloglines.com and his concern over some of the content on this site. Fortunately Bloglines.com listened to the many concerned people who use this site and created a new domain name for the image wall (http://www.bloglinesimagewall.com). John published another post titled A Bloglines Update which got the two of use talking. To make a long story short, read our comments on this post and welcome to “The Good the Bad and the Ugly of the Internet”.

Final Thoughts

Like many sites on the web, this Wiki will hopefully be a constant work in progress. Pages and content will change new topics will be added and contributors will come and go. Please don’t feel your opinion or contribution is not needed. It takes a village to raise a child and it will take all us who see value in the internet to educate those who fear it.
Thank you for visiting The Good the Bad & the Ugly of the Internet Wiki site. Look around, tell your friends and please feel welcome to join the contributors.

Thank you,

Shawn Wheeler (swheeler@3wheeler.com) (http://shawnwheeler.bloglines.com)

Tagging – In an effort to help contributors or reader keep track of this, I thought we could use GBUI as a tag or entries used on this site. (Yes, I stayed up all night dreaming this on up. <Smile>