Tag, Tags, Tagging

Blogs, Images, Video, etc…


For years, we have been matching and or categorizing items within our lives. Think about some of the items we match in our lives.
  • Do your laundry, match your socks
  • Playing card, match by number or suit
  • Categorize animals into species and breeds
  • Etc…

We even match our friends based on common interest. What does all this have to do with the internet? Actually quite a bit.

With all the content published on the web each day, it can be challenging to locate the information you are looking for. Especially if you are depending on the search engines to keep you up to date. In addition, the amount of data returned can be daunting to the most tenacious researcher. It is equally difficult to analyze and categorize this information based on standard searches. Categorization is where Tags show their value.

So what are Tags? Simply stated, a Tag is a keyword or a label applied to a blog post, and image or video. Once the file is Tagged with a keyword, it can be searched for using that Tag. For example, a person writing a story about teaching students using one computer in a the classroom my post their experience on their blog site and Tag the post with the keyword K-12. Using a Tag search tool, (Technorati) the post along with any other post containing the K-12 Tag would be located.

Other Web 2.0 tools also utilize Tags. For example, many online social image host (Flickr) support Tags. Continuing with the example above, the person who wrote the article on the one computer in the classroom included a few images in the blog that have been uploaded and Tagged with K-12. Anyone searching Flickr for images Tagged with K-12 will find the image placed in the example noted above.
del.icio.us the social bookmarking site also utilizes Tags. When a person add a web address to their del.icio.us page, the person Tags that page with a keyword related to that site. For example, any site related to K-12 would be Tagged appropriately. Any person searching del.icio.us for K-12 would find sites related to K-12 according to the person who bookmarked the page on del.icio.us.


Choose a keyword to search for in Technorati, Flickr and Del.icio.us. If you can’t think of one, try K-12, education, globalization or flatclassroom.
Did you notice any the same sites on each tool?
Did you notice a relation between the sites?
Did you notice any sites or image that maybe shouldn’t have been tagged with the keyword you searched for?